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How to visit the Tokyo auto show? The old driver hand in hand to teach you how to take the Sohu cars you’re not wrong, although 2016 has not been, but can’t wait for the Tokyo auto show in 2017, in September 15, 2016 by show organizers JAMA Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association), is the forty-fifth announcement of the Tokyo auto show, will officially launch in October 27, 2017. Where is the Tokyo east station field Tokyo Big River Sight Tokyo International Exhibition center. As the grand Tokyo auto show, Tokyo auto show in 2017 will bring together the cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, car factory, car multimedia system operators and car parts firm, displaying the latest works and technology, of course, as the Japanese car factory headquarters of the Tokyo auto show, one of the biggest characteristic is to the Japanese car factory as the main force, the main stage shows the latest trend of the Oriental car. 2015 Tokyo auto show scene, the organizers in the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition hall, cleverly arranged outdoor projection, people aftertaste the history of the history of the Tokyo auto show. In order to meet the needs of global automotive media interviews, the world’s major car manufacturers have media day arrangements, Tokyo auto show is no exception. The 2017 Tokyo auto show in October 25th 26 in the morning and all day long as a media interview, then, on the afternoon of 26 is a special visit on invitation for reservation for the participating disabled workers, 27 full-time VIP, open to hold the VIP invitation, on the afternoon of 27:30 to 12 18:00 time is pre reward open day, advance the general public pre reward day tickets. From October 28th to November 5th, is a normal extension of completely open to the general public, people can buy tickets at the scene. Respect and courtesy of disabled workers based on the Tokyo auto show will be on the second day of the media on the afternoon, arrangements for the special visit, let disabled people can comfortably enjoy the car. Although the time is early, so the Japanese auto industry will not JAMA at the show’s official website, announced the 2017 Tokyo auto show, ticket information and spindle exhibitors list, but intends to Tokyo auto show has netizens, can put down the date of start pre planning, as further information, in addition to the official website of the Tokyo auto show. In addition, U-CAR Tokyo Big Sight with previously prepared traffic information, after the 2017 Tokyo auto show will continue to update the latest news to readers. The official website of the Tokyo auto show: Tokyo Big Sight http: Chinese Tokyo official website: Big Sight is located in Tokyo east station Dujiang field, there are quite a few tourist attractions in the vicinity, can let the fans take the opportunity to visit. Haneda airport under the machine, within 1 hours to Tokyo Big Sight TokN相关的主题文章:

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