Ji’nan, a student to open a coach car to steal the next 5 years can not test the driver’s license 1256789

Ji’nan students steal open coach cars to drink the next 5 years not driving test – Beijing man not only suspected of drunk driving, but the car sat 6 people, has been overcrowding after a breath test, the man driving the alcohol is 154 mg per 100 ml, on suspicion of drunk driving public network Ji’nan on August 25th news the day before yesterday evening Ji’nan flyover traffic police in the night of Beiyuan Street drunk driving, find a coach car driver was found involving alcohol. The man claimed to have not had a driver’s license, and can not conceal the fact that he was admitted to learn the subject of three of the students, the night out of the coach drove out and friends to drink. After the detection of male alcohol breath 154mg 100ml suspected drunk driving, if the results of blood tests to confirm drunk driving, the next 5 years, he can not test the driver’s license. The evening of August 23rd about 22:45, is the production of Road North Park elevated Hashiguchi night drunk driving flyover traffic police found an oncoming car driving coaches actually sat 4 people. Police came to see the copilot hailed checks, in addition, the back of 3 male and 1 female is very crowded. After a few breath test drive small flat measured breath alcohol value 154mg 100ml, on suspicion of drunk driving. At this time, a man called his driving license, ID card at the eight Bridge in the home, in the face of police problems seeing concealed, men had confessed. Originally, he was just driving school students haven’t finished. During the day he finished the car to see the coach hide the keys to the trunk, night secretly took the key to open up, and together with friends to drink. In luck, by the traffic police check is. Alcohol related man said, coach car is then himself from the coach secretly opened out, a man suspected of stealing, drunk driving, overcrowding by police back to the police investigation, and the blood alcohol. The police are doing further verification of his statement is true if the man will face fines, criminal detention and 5 years may not be a driver’s license and other penalties. (Dazhong – Shandong 24 hours client reporter He Hui)相关的主题文章:

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