Liu Liang won the dove chicken Spring Festival invited Andy Lau’s new film shooting next

Liu Liang won the dove chicken Spring Festival invited   Andy Lau’s new film shooting next year — entertainment channel — Liu Liang, Liu Liang dove, pigeon preparing for the Spring Festival Evening Gala "trial" The Legendary Swordsman third season is currently the Oriental TV broadcast program is like a raging fire, into the semi-finals stage. As a training platform for new comedy, "The Legendary Swordsman" before the two season the players have gained better development opportunities, add new vigor to the China comedy. Among them, "The Legendary Swordsman" before the two season champion Sun Jianhong, Liu Liang, and Zhang Shuangjian dove couple, popular players and so have received a solicitation of spring chicken. Yesterday, the first spring festival, Spring Festival director to give Liu Liang, highly praised the show dove, is a language class program candidate actors of the youth of color, very rare. At the same time, in the "The Legendary Swordsman" the end of the second season, Liu Liang dove, also received a movie offer from Feng Xiaogang and Andy Lau, two people reported that the new Andy Lau film will begin shooting next year after the spring festival. Although there are 5 months from the Spring Festival evening, but the Spring Festival evening show has entered the preparatory stage. Yesterday, Liu Liang dove, participated in the Spring Festival evening trial. Liu Liang, the white dove intends to "husband and wife" characters from "The Legendary Swordsman" continue to show, but the news that the script will have great changes, so temporarily undetermined. But the group of two leaders gave a high degree of expectation, in the language of the program’s candidate, they are a touch of youthful colors, very rare. Both the actor rich stage experience, but also have the ability to control the stage of TV program." Before the "The Legendary Swordsman" program, Andy Lau also told Liu Liang, dove throws olive branch in this movie, this year is expected to start shooting in September. But because Andy Lau not satisfied with the script, so the new film ran aground, is currently in the re write the script stage, is expected to begin shooting next year after the spring festival. In order to let Liu Liang, the peace of mind, except Andy Lau himself had met with two people, praise "you all think I am very busy, in fact I do not imagine you were so busy, just see your video, you two." And the exchange of children home, talking about his daughter and daughter Liu Liang, age not much difference between the pigeon. In addition, Andy Lau also through brokers, assistants, etc. to the two revealed that the two valued you very much." At the same time, Feng Xiaogang also in the end of the 2 "The Legendary Swordsman" program, Liu Liang, issued a "dove following a new movie, I am not Pan Jinlian" after the invitation. Since the "The Legendary Swordsman", Liu Liang, dove’s schedule is more and more full, not only need to go to many places to do the program, but also to learn new things. Because of the preparations for the Spring Festival evening, her daughter had to temporarily give parental care. Liu Liang dove, for their future career development planning is also quite clear, because the two people in the martial arts, comedy, talk and singing are very good, so two people will continue to "husband and wife" partner, "in the comedy route to go, we will take the appropriate film, many aspects of development." And hope that life will be smooth. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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