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National Standards Committee: promote the realization of export products "in the same line with the standard homogeneous" – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, the National Standards Commission Director Tian Shihong said today, accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign consumer standards, in practice to promote the realization of the export products "with the line with the standard of homogeneity". The State Council, director of the State Council, Tian Shihong, director of the National Standards Commission on the introduction of "consumer goods standards and quality improvement plan," the relevant circumstances, and answered a reporter’s question. Tian Shi Hong pointed out that from the government, to promote decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization services, this time in planning is also in accordance with the spirit, how to put forward relevant government in promoting enterprise and society in promoting consumer product standards and quality improvement work to be done. Tian Shihong said, "planning" focuses on the design and innovation mechanism on law system, adhere to the "tube service" to promote synergy, specific measures in seven aspects of reform and innovation. First, to speed up the domestic and international standards, the establishment of consumer goods standards and reporting system. Good technical trade measures to make full use of advanced technology, standard analysis, study and learn from foreign advanced experience of management standardization method, foreign demand, to promote and improve the level of domestic standards, and in practice to promote the realization of export products "with the line with the standard of homogeneity". At the same time, in the implementation of the standard process, but also in the domestic and foreign products to achieve the same line with the same standard requirements, there is no distinction between domestic and export products, production lines, standards, quality are the same. The two is to establish and improve the enterprise product and service standards self disclosure and supervision system. At the government level, to promote the third party enterprise standard release list, establish the enterprise standard leader, encourage enterprises to develop and use advanced standard. Three is to establish a negative list of consumer goods production system. In addition to mandatory standards, as well as laws and regulations clearly require the implementation of market access, the liberalization of market access. Four is to establish a unified and standardized system of supervision and spot checks. First of all, in the process of supervision and inspection to implement the three random, that is, random sampling companies, random sampling products, random selection of testing institutions". To promote consumer product quality supervision and inspection results of information sharing and mutual recognition. In this context, the provisions of the same enterprise, the national product quality supervision and spot checks pass the same specifications of products, within 6 months of any localities and departments or organizations have not repeated checks, promote the realization of a standard, a test result, mutual recognition, nationally". The purpose of this system is to reduce the burden on enterprises. Five is to establish the system of accountability for inspection and certification results. To improve the inspection and certification bodies to assume the joint and several liability of product quality constraints mechanism to better regulate the behavior of inspection and certification. Six is to improve the quality and safety of consumer goods risk monitoring system, the establishment of major consumer goods quality and safety traceability system, emphasizing consumer rights, to promote the normalization of defective product recall. In the consumer product quality and safety risk management, risk prevention and control, consumer rights and defective product recall normalization made the corresponding provisions. Seven is to promote the implementation of quality technology in the field of consumer goods.相关的主题文章:

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