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Tang Yan was elected the next Golden Eagle goddess " "   the eleventh Golden Eagle Festival opening ceremony playbill exposure – Qinghai Channel – people.com.cn original title: Tang Yan was elected the next Golden Eagle goddess " " the eleventh Golden Eagle Festival opening ceremony playbill exposure people.com.cn October 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wu Yaxiong) twenty-eighth China TV Golden Eagle Award and the eleventh session of the Chinese Golden Eagle TV Art Festival opening ceremony gala will be held the evening of October 14th (Friday) at 20:10 opened bright curtain in Hunan Changsha; the Golden Eagle Festival Opening Gala by Hunan TV star Zhang Dandan late director, CO producer licensing featuring, party by two gold to create a joint team of the opening ceremony of this year; the "Long March" will hold high the banner, carry forward the spirit of the Long March, the thick film fusion of feelings, will focus on the new long march on TV "painting A beautiful poem. From 2000 to now, the "golden section" in Changsha held so far is the eleventh, and people from all over the country TV viewers will have a joyous gathering in Hunan Changsha, TV screen, sharing the biennial TV Arts Festival, tomorrow (October 14th) in the new China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival will be filled again bright open. Do not forget the early heart — on the new long march in the first chapter of tomorrow’s TV, large audio poem especially solemn and a resonance, the program will reflect the historic moment a number of domestic mainstream TV literary works, connected by heavyweight guest artists deduction, will reproduce these important moments and the Golden Eagle Festival the opening ceremony of the stage, let a person suddenly back to that era, resonate with the audience. 80 years ago the Long March, and today people even through a long distance, but the spirit of the long march is the precious spiritual wealth of this era; and through the long march that reflect the revolutionary era of TV literary and artistic works, let posterity know the touching story of the long road, let the long march spirit inspired Chinese generation generation. This year, "ten", "send Red Army marshal Peng Dehuai", "ordinary world", "Wang Dahua’s revolutionary career" and a number of performance China people under the leadership of the party, unremitting self-improvement struggle the main theme of the drama appeared on the TV screen, reminding the audience, this piece of land to the people through when the road, the unique spirit of the nation Chinese. TV’s Long March, still on the road! The first chapter such as "ten large audio poem", "red army sent", "at the moment are safe" and "ordinary world" was the theme of the times of different literary works, the program group will adopt sound photoelectric current synchronization technology leading, people look back to the era of the situation, uncle Han Lei led adorable singer Sha Baoliang Tan Weiwei Linda Wong will be together the strength of Zhou Bichang. Mapping the reality – heavy stars brilliant interpretation of television works of literature and art, are a reflection of the reality, what kind of era, there should be a corresponding era works! How to reflect the great times with excellent works is a problem that all the TV artists think about. In the second chapter, the program group invited many pages相关的主题文章:

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