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The mortality rate of 30% of the movement is not recognized by the International Gymnastics Federation is still being introduced – Sohu tour this exercise may be now recognized as the world’s most dangerous sports, said its mortality is more than 30%, as long as there is a friend because of the death of the world and wing mounted flight, wing mounted alliance chairman Hiro will be in the arm above a flower of mourning, because the risk is too large, so has not been admitted to the fig, wing mounted flight so far as tourism projects into the people’s vision. Wing mounted flight refers to athletes wearing clothing and have wings of flight parachute equipment, athletes from the aircraft, balloons, etc., high jump and sheer precipice and overhanging rocks edifice, flight use body movements to control the glide direction, unpowered flying movement with the body, before reaching the limit of safety level, athletes will open stable parachute landing. No power wing flight into the ideal state of flight, flight speed can usually reach about 200 kilometers per hour, so the field before the flight is very important for each athlete. Every leap, must do a very precise, any error is not allowed, so the sport, comprehensive quality of athletes is extremely demanding, as of October 2013, the world’s only more than 600 people involved in wing mounted flight, and Xu Kai is the first person China wing mounted flight. September 2016 in Yunnan, Zhaotong, held the World Cup finals of the World Cup finals, the first Chinese figure. They are Chinese love wing captain Sheng Guangqiang (red), China team Yang Sheng. Yunnan Zhaotong Dashanbao, there are a lot of very steep cliffs, the vertical drop of nearly 2500 meters, and the cliffs for wing mounted flight, it was an excellent site, since the beginning of 2015, this is the second time hosting the world cup wing mounted flight. Here most of the time the wind around the clouds, the mountain’s Kraal River in the clouds disappeared. Compared to other wing mounted flight venue, Zhaotong mountain package here more open vision, vertical gap is higher, so it was named the world’s largest highway direct jump point wing loading site". But also because of this special climate, so this should be held in September 19th to "love flying, true love" as the theme of the 2016 Wings for Love love China wing Zhaotong Dashanbao international wing mounted flight World Cup finals due to continuous rain fog weather postponed to September 25-27 day held. In September 21st, the sky began to clear up occasionally, take advantage of this rare opportunity, wing mounted athletes began to prepare for. The parachute is vital for every wing pilot, so each wing athlete will pack his parachute. With a combination of courage and courage, a wing mounted athlete shows us their wings. From more than and 20 countries more than 50 athletes in the game, the first China personnel to participate in the tournament, the chairman of the organizing committee, Chinese first flight Xu Kai (back row right wearing a white T-shirt) injured last year due to wind tunnel training, thus failing to participate in the competition. Movement.相关的主题文章:

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