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The most accurate way to measure ovulation? Three strategies to help you find the date of ovulation – Sohu maternal pregnancy, cannot do without sperm and eggs, so anxious for prepare pregnant female compatriots, especially want to know which day is your day of ovulation. Today we will discuss with everyone, kangaroo mom, women how to monitor your ovulation. So to say, it is how to produce eggs. Each woman has two ovaries, each containing hundreds of thousands of follicles. Two ovaries, like the big house, there are numerous rooms, this is the follicle, and the follicle is pregnant with our heroine of today: the princess of the egg: the two. So each month, only one egg grown and discharged from the follicle. Come from the eggs through the fallopian tube umbrella end, into the fallopian tube, reach the ampulla of fallopian tube, where she will meet with her fine prince. If Baba mama at XXOO, then the fine prince would probably break through heavy resistance, meet in the oviduct and egg white. We next, please fill the blank, the picture of brain…… So what, back to our topic today, know how the eggs? Method one: what is basal body temperature? Are you wake up in the morning, I opened my eyes, don’t do anything, and that the direct measurement of body temperature. If you have a little exercise, the body temperature will change, the value of the measurement is not accurate. We need to measure, put the thermometer under your tongue for 5 minutes, not measuring axillary temperature, since the temperature effect, there will be errors. So why BBT? This is because the basic body temperature of women is not static, but in a menstrual cycle, with ovulation will show regular changes. When you find out the law, you know what is the ovulation period. We can be seen from the figure, ovulation, basal body temperature will rise 0.3 degrees ~0.5 degrees, this is why? Because the egg Princess adult, her home: the corpus luteum (from the follicular transition) to prepare for her warm marriage room, warm and comfortable temperature conducive to fertilized egg implantation in the uterus. (PS: the principle is that the corpus luteum can synthesize progesterone and estrogen, in the role of hormones, endometrial thickening, women’s body temperature So although the marriage room is ready, but the egg princess has a life span of 48 hours, if in these two days, the eggs did not wait until the fine Princess Prince, she will come to an end. However, as you can see from the above chart, the basal body temperature does not fall immediately as the egg dies. This is because the communication is not developed, the corpus luteum in about 14 days before hearing this news. You know the truth of the corpus luteum and indignation, also began to shrink and die, stop the secretion of estrogen and progesterone, the basal body temperature will decrease. We measure the basal body temperature is a no trauma, simple operation, no need to take the examination. However, the basic body temperature will be affected by sleep, medication, diet, disease and other factors, so the use of basic body temperature can not accurately determine the platoon ~!相关的主题文章:

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