The Nokia 2710 Navigation Includes A 2 Megapixel Camera

Mobile-Cell-Phone The Nokia 2710 Navigation features a 2 megapixel camera for photos and videos to be captured and enjoyed on its 2.2 inch colour display. This is useful when capturing great moments or views on the move, something this handset makes really easy with a dedicated key directly to the Maps application for simple navigation anywhere. Images and videos can be stored on the 2 gigabytes microSD included with this handset, or the expandable 16 gigabytes available. Alternatively, they can be instantly shared with friends by being posted on Ovi Share. If social networking sites are preferred however, then these too are supported through the Opera mini web browser also clearly displaying the Web on the handsets display. The phone has integrated GPS and A-GPS antennae as well as a digital .pass to point the user in the right direction every time. The Maps application allows straight forward A to B route planning, and makes it simple for the user to find nearby landmarks, points of interest or bars and restaurants. The user is also shown their exact position while in Maps, which .es preloaded featuring a lifetime licence for eternal free updates. The 2710 Navigation doesnt miss out any of the most usual or useful features either. It offers standard text and picture messaging, and instant messaging, besides providing access to up to 10 email accounts through Nokia Messaging which supports accounts from Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and many other popular services. Ovi Mail is also offered and can be accessed through the web browser. The handset features the Music Player which sorts tracks, makes it easy to find favourite tracks and can match music based on different moods. The phone also has a built-in FM radio to offer the most recent and favourite music through radio. Music can be played privately through headphones or connected to speakers through the 3.5mm AV connection. The Nokia 2710 Navigation features useful and easy to use navigation for the user, and adds the ability to take and enjoy photos and videos, and share them with friends from anywhere. Meanwhile the messaging and email capabilities make it possible for the user to still keep in touch and up to date also. The phone offers plenty of memory storage for photos, videos and also for lots of music tracks and albums to be added for entertainment besides the FM radio also offered. This is an altogether useful and handset with plenty of good features among those included as expected. About the Author: By: Jemma Barsby – Mobiles are one of the most important and most used electronic gadgets of our times. Our daily life gets disrupted if we lose your phones or tablets. If something happens to it we stop all our work immediately in order to make it oaky again. 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