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Travel-and-Leisure So youve just arrived in Tuscany Italy and you are charmed by the land, the vineyards and beautiful rounded hilltops. This is a scene out of a fantasy novel to most of us. The sculpted land, outlined with moss covered castles and winding sandy roads. If you get the chance to travel to beautiful Tuscany located in the northern part of Italy, there are numerous things that you can do. If you love biking, you can book a day trip with a private guide to take you through Southern Tuscany to see its beautiful country side. What better way to experience Tuscany to its fullest than to bike through the luscious country side and see it all up close and personally. Stop and take the time to have a picnic, take some pictures, and just to take it all in. Tuscany tourism .panies re.mend that if you want the full effect of Tuscany, to avoid the hotels and look for a nice villa or a farmhouse to spend your vacation in. Why stay in an ordinary hotel; you can do that in your home town. There are so many different activities that you can do while you enjoy your stay in Tuscany. Theres hot air ballooning, wine tasting, hiking, museums, and cute little specialty shops. Before planning your trip to beautiful Tuscany, you should do some research. Doing your research can save you time in finding the right hotel, villa, or restaurants, and it makes it easier for you to plan out your site seeing during your stay in Tuscany. The World Wide Web is a great tool in helping you to purchase plane tickets, make reservations, and download and print out maps of the areas you want to visit. All of these tips will help you to have a very enjoyable vacation and you will return relaxed and ready to face your busy lifestyle once more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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