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Arts-and-Entertainment I am so happy Twilight saga- Eclipse is here! I have endearingly enjoyed reading the novel, which is partly portrayed in the movie sequel. The movie has climbed on the top of the charts despite the differences in the original novel; after all, a good movie shouldn’t be a replica of its counterpart book. I have come to love Bella who possess an exceptional mental power, who also possess the heart of a wolf friend and his dearest vampire lover, Edward. Twilight colored contacts from the movie were so unique. Cullen eyes will definitely get you excited as their eyes got focused on camera. This kind of colored contacts are widely available online, with an amazing market from the movie fans. Musing over several movies that I’ve watched before, these vampires had let reality to be distorted, with looming eyes that seems to allure its victim. Vampires often have a very white sallow skin tone. Their skin tone indicates the state of being undead, cold, and ungodly. Twilight Saga had an unusual description of vampires. Such as their eyes are so divine and the glistening, glittery material on their bodies when gaze upon by the sun looks are quite a movement away from a common concept of vampires. In fact, this new description of the vampires makes them so elite and hated at the same time. Twilight Saga has been criticized for this unconventional persona of a vampire, especially their sparkly features. Vampires have been known for its scary and menacing characteristics. Such golden eyes and sparkly features are unique only with this saga. Vampires Diaries and True Blood, Twilight present-day counterpart had maintained the conventional vampire features. In Vampire Diaries, vampires has the ability to walk in the middle of the day using charms. While True Blood showed that vampires are vulnerable to corrupted humans because of their very addicting vampire blood. Are we going to see more sparkly vampires in the literature in the future? Will Twilight vampire be acknowledged after this saga end? Bella is an enduring character. Bella torn between a unique relationship between wolves and vampires. Bella will become one of the powerful vampire who can shield a multiple vampires from mental attacks. Bella will raise a very unique child, humanly immortal. Twilight has proven a very unique appeal to the birth of this new genre of sparkly vampires. It is like fictionalizing a fiction of vampires, a trend that will be tested in the coming of days. True Blood and Vampire Diaries will continue to battle for more mass appeal, especially after this chronicle ends. I have enjoyed reading the novel and watching the movies, as well as millions of people who love it for the most obvious reasons. I will enjoy dressing up like Twilight vampires, with their golden eyes, and sparkling features. Or I will stay on the dark side and probably wear a Volturi effect of bloody red eyes and dark outfit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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