Two Things To Do Before You Die.-norton disk doctor

Close your eyes for a minute and think about the fact that one day you are going to die. Does that make you a little uncomfortable? If it does then youre certainly not alone. For most of us living in modern society, our own mortality is a subject that is rarely discussed. Thoughts of our own inevitable death are easily brushed aside. Im too busy living to worry about that now. Whats the point in worrying about it? I cant change anything. Generally though, these are lies we tell ourselves to protect us from our fear of the unknown. And while these lies may appear to work on the surface, deep within your subconscious they just build on that fear. Well, enough is enough! Its time to stop lying to yourself. There is great freedom to be gained by considering and accepting your own mortality. Life has a way of making you think about it eventually, whether through the death or illness of a friend, family member or loved one, or perhaps through your own life being placed in danger. So why wait till the last minute when emotions are high and the fear is intense. Take the time to consider your mortality now, and come to terms with it. If youre still not sure then consider this- how do you react to any other potential interruption to your life? If you were faced with a potential retrenchment, for example, how would you react? Most likely you would not just hope the problem goes away, but would rather take the time to consider what exactly this situation means to your life. How will this affect you and your loved ones, and your lifestyle? What options do you have, and what path will you choose to minimise any negative impact and maximise any gain in your life? And yet do we do this when faced with the most inevitable change of our life, our own death? No! We ignore it and hope the issue goes away. Well, no more! Considering and coming to terms with the meaning of your life, and your death, is essential for your peace of mind and your happiness. So if you really want to live, then you need to ask yourself some questions: Am I ok with the fact that Im going to die? What does this mean to me? Why am I dying? If I died today would I be happy with how Ive lived my life? There are a million different questions you could ask. Only you can choose the questions relevant to your own life. And only you can provide the answers. So ask yourself these questions. You may not have answers just yet, but keep asking and considering the question until you are at peace with your own mortality. Peace of mind is essential for a happy fulfilling life. Now, once youre at that stage, youll find theres a second thing that you must do before you die. Thankfully though, the fact that youre comfortable with your life and imminent death will make this second part really easy. You must now live your life to the fullest. I cant tell you how to do that, but once again you can find the answer through questioning your subconscious. What can I do right now to live a fulfilling life? What do I want to do now, more than anything else? How can I contribute to the world? There is so much life to be lived. Get out there and enjoy yourself. Time is ticking by. Dont put off living till tomorrow, when circumstances may be better. Tomorrow never comes. Live now. Skydive, travel, volunteer your time to a charity, watch the sunrise and sunset, grow a prize winning garden, learn to fly, learn to scuba dive, meditate, paint, sing, or play an instrument. The world is yours. This life is yours. Get out there and live it! Now! Before its too late, make these two things a priority in your life: 1. Consider and accept your mortality. 2. And live your life to its fullest potential. Lance Beggs Copyright 2005 Lance Beggs. All Rights Reserved. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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