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Use of these gadgets, you more than Fashion Week Street Beauty 100 times the weather temperature gradually down the street, knitted and coats became much less during the summer and autumn bright feeling, with the rainy and misty breeze, as if the world suddenly became a lot of melancholy. Especially, as the weather cools, the passers-by colors are heavy up, feeling seems to lack some vitality. So, in the autumn, in addition to bright lipstick, of course also need some other things to improve the people’s sense of eye-catching, it is a variety of accessories. First of all, in the autumn, our clothes in many cases are like this: there is such a fact: No, you may wear more than they’re also boring, because at least, some of them also collocation the hat and sunglasses. Therefore, this article will introduce those who let the autumn and winter Look become beautiful jewelry, you want to learn a little fairy yo. Miranda Kerr: "when people want to win" you must do me this bowl of chicken soup [] earrings earrings really is a very wonderful thing, can change the temperament of the whole person, of course, the fox said the bacteria is not the kind of super small small diamond pieces, or stay in that summer wear. Autumn and winter, of course, we have to wear eye-catching earrings. For example, the geometry of the metal earrings, very stylish and chic. There are pearl earrings, suitable for any dress or dress beautiful girl. VINTAGE EARRINGS, in the golden age of Monroe and the Hongkong, are the hearts of female stars love. And prolonged hoop round big earrings. Sunglasses in addition to circular and square, irregular shape, there is a mirror material, color and texture of the classic material. What kind of specific, or depends on the individual face and dress style. Square Sunglasses very suitable for contour and face is not particularly handsome and solid asians. Although Taylor is a white, can face very low profile very gentle with her, is also very suitable for square glasses. Round glasses can be a good modification of the more angular face, and will be very fashionable. Irregular glasses generally refers to include cat glasses, sunglasses, glasses and glasses some creative polygon. This must personally try, because it is very difficult to pick. [] hat hat is super stylish with essential accessories in autumn and winter, whether it is a wide brimmed hat or beret, there is always a right for you the other. Wide brimmed hat can be matched with any coat, and handsome inside the ride, as long as it is not particularly special light and fairy skirt, almost all can live handle. It is also a handsome Beret art. In a word, I hope everyone can be a good choice for their own accessories, in the autumn and winter are beautiful. Don’t be boring, must be the most eye-catching yourself.相关的主题文章:

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